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OARSIS is a venture builder focused on immersive (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and related technologies such as IoT, Computer Vision and AI. We discover and evaluate opportunities based on technology mega-trends. We partner up with entrepreneurs with deep expertise in their industries, invest our resources and share equity in each project we get involved with. We build lovable products and grow ventures by combining our experience, resources and network.

Meet your dream team

Let's face it: you can't do all of the work. Find your sidekick, your partner in crime, your Doctor Watson, your Robin, your Sancho Panza.

Market your idea

Get ready to launch your product.
Ideate. Prototype. Test. Fail. Repeat.

Grow your startup

Harder. Faster. Better. Stronger.
SCALE. It's time to go BIG or go home.

Thinking about starting a new VR/AR business?

  • Start before you are ready. You don’t even need an idea to apply to Oarsis. We look for talent and grit.
  • Meet your co-founders. We will make it easy for you to network and get to know other talented entrepreneurs.
  • Pursue an opportunity that makes sense. Our network of mentors, investors and team will provide you insights on what business ideas make sense and which don’t.
  • Save time, money and headaches. Maximize resources and network. Get the right speed required to be successful.

Ready to take your VR/AR startup to the next level?

  • Hack your growth with additional resources and access to TOP mentors.
  • Increase the chances to close your seed round in due-time.
  • Be part of our growing community of likeminded entrepreneurs.
  • Boost your visibility & credibility.
  • Fill in the gaps: knowledge-wise, team-wise & money-wise. Be ready. Remember:  to play the game you have to stay ahead of the game. 

Are you ready to start your new VR/AR business?