Oarsis is a venture builder that inspires, connects and empowers entrepreneurs to bring new VR and AR solutions to market. Our goal is to minimize the risk of starting your new frontier tech business.

Through our unique 8-month company-building program, we will provide you with the right resources, methodology, and tools to help you assemble a professional team, validate your idea, build an MVP, create a scalable VR/AR solution to a global challenge and prepare your company to be “investment ready”.


In order to join us, you'll need successfully complete our four-stage selection process.



  • Learn at your own pace following the flipped classroom learning model 
  • Reach out when stuck 
  • Share knowledge with previous tribes through the discussion forums 
  • Take advantage of all business templates when needed
Oarsis Mentoring Session
  • Get in touch with top mentors who have already been there and done it
  • Tailored individual or group sessions
  • All different business areas are covered
  • Maximize your networking capabilities
Hands up
  • We help you grow your business as you grow yourself personally and professionally
  • Become a better version of yourself
  • 1on1 monthly sessions to improve both your soft and hard skills
  • Our focus is on people. We focus on YOU.
  • Expand your network
  • Get support from those who will make you succeed
  • Find talent faster
  • Be part of a family of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Between 25.000€ potential investment in order for you to close an initial 100-300k€ pre-seed through our network of investors.
  • Save time fundraising and focus on adding real value to your business
  • Fast-track to other international acceleration programs

The Incubation Program is divided in four phases:

  • 1

    Meet your team

  • 2

    Identify a customer pain

  • 3

    Develop a product

  • 4

    Scale your business


Meet your team

You don't need a team to apply. In fact, we are the best opportunity for you to find talented and appropriate co-founders for your business.
We work hard to select talented professionals for our program. If you are finally selected, you’ll have the chance to build a startup together with some of the top minds in their industries. During the first two months, we will support you in building your dream-team.


Identify a customer pain

Entrepreneurs frequently come to us with futuristic business ideas that stem from an academic project or by insights obtained while working in a specific industry. However, we don’t select entrepreneurs based on the quality of their ideas. We believe that it’s better to build a robust and talented team, and then look for proper business opportunities where you would excel as a team and capitalize on your team's competitive advantages. It is important to correctly frame the problem you are trying to solve and validate that there are people willing to pay for your problem-fixing product or service.


Bring a product to life

At this stage, you will engage in iterative design thinking and lean startups techniques. You will go back and forth to define the proper specification for your future product or service. We will help you secure your firsts sales and engage your customers with a minimum viable product (MVP), plus the implementation of your initial go-to-market strategy. This is a phase of trial and error, of listening to your customers and establishing your key businesses metrics.


Scale your business

At this stage, entrepreneurs are getting closer and closer to the PMF (Product-Market-Fit) milestone. We will now ponder and choose among different growth strategies and support your team with all necessary documentation and processes to raise your seed round. Once your startup is ready for the next level, we will help you develop relationships with partners and investors so that you can keep scaling and growing.

Ready to join the adventure?

Become a business or technical co-founder.


If you have any additional questions to the ones displayed in the following sections please do not hesitate to contact us at info@oarsis.com. Remember, there’s no thing as a dumb question, so fire away!

Our offices are located in Madrid at Calle de Martín de Vargas 40.
We will be opening our Barcelona offices in Q3 2018.

Oarsis will be partnering up with you and your co-founders in your new venture with a 7,5% to 15% equity stake in the company depending on how much value and work we foresee we would be adding to your startup through our 8-month incubation program and beyond. The services included in our company-building program include training and mentoring sessions, consultancy services covering the different areas (financing, marketing, talent acquisition, product development, operations, etc.), office space, connections to local and international investors, events and conferences sponsorship deals for your startup, among other services. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to write us an email at info@oarsis.com

You and your team are free to choose how you would like to split the remaining equity. At Oarsis, we can provide the basic guidelines to ensure that equity is split evenly according to the value each member of the team is expected to provide to the business.

Many things need to be considered before incorporating your company. As a venture builder, we focus on both people and business opportunities at the very early stages so that we can jointly incorporate the company at the end of the program. This makes things a lot easier. If you have already incorporated a company, let us know how much progress did you make so that we can evaluate your proposal.

If you are an international startup looking to expand in Europe, we can offer you to build a top local leadership team and guide the execution of the expansion strategy.

We require all the founding team to be working full-time in the startup. For the team to take advantage of the program, we require that at least two co-founders spend at least four months at any of our office locations.

Generally, this will not be possible. We had past experiences that showed us that remote work can be efficient in terms of completing tasks, but it is not efficient in terms of building the team and creating real bonding between co-founders. You will have to relocate to one of our locations for at least 4 months of the 6-month program.

Some of the issues that founders should consider as part of a decision on where to incorporate include things like tax implications (tax breaks or penalties), local grants, and paperwork. This is particularly the case when they are also thinking that the USA might be where they will end up in the future. Depending on which direction you would like your company to develop further, we can recommend some options (Spain, UK, Delaware/USA, among others).

Indeed! We understand that top talent is generally busy and employed. We encourage you to apply to Oarsis Weekend anyway, so that you can have a taste of what it’s like to start a company from scratch before making the transition full-time into it. Even if you will not join our company-building program until you quit your previous professional occupation, we can help you plan the transition in your career so that you can join a few months later and be better prepared.

It is better if you are available right at the begining of one of our programs Nevertheless, it will still be possible for you to join a little later, as an exception. Let us know your situation in the application form of any of our Oarsis Weekend events.

While we do not invest cash at the beginning of our program (only resources valued at around 20.000€ per startup), we plan to invest between 25k€ and 50k€ cash upon successful completion of the company-building program and will help you secure additional funds for your pre-seed round.

Sure you will. The main training and consulting services sessions, as well as the office space usage, will be provided only during the 6-month incubation program. Nevertheless, community events will be organized for all Oarsis startups on a regular basis. We are planning to secure internal resources for covering specific ad-hoc requests for our alumni.