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Entrepreneurs Selection Event in July in Madrid (Spain)

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Do you have domain expertise in a specific industry where VR/AR could have a big impact?
Are you an innovator in the Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) space?
If so, we have a challenge for you.

Show us how you are planning to transform industry, healthcare, retail, videogames production, accelerate training, improve education, connect people through WebVR at scale, make an impact and change the world through the innovative use of this next major computing platform.

Demonstrate that you have the true soul of an entrepreneur to earn the chance to secure cash-prizes for your new startup and access Oarsis 6-month incubation program in Madrid (Spain) from November until April 2018.

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What is Oarsis?

Oarsis is an incubator that inspires, connects and empowers entrepreneurs to bring to market new VR & AR solutions that provide real value to both consumers and industry.

Through our unique 6-month program, we help founders and entrepreneurs assemble a professional team, validate their ideas on the market, build an MVP, create a scalable VR/AR solution to a global challenge and prepare the company to be “investment ready”.

Oarsis Weekend

In order to get into the 6-month incubation program, you need first to apply to the entrepreneurs selection event we host on November in Madrid (Spain), called Oarsis Weekend. During this event, around 30 European pre-selected individual entrepreneurs with different profiles (3D Artists, Programmers, Business, Marketing, Sales) will compete to demonstrate their capacities at building a startup in each different company area.

As part of the cohort of the 15 final winners of such Oarsis Weekend event, you would then get into the incubation program, shape your co-founders team together with the other winners or other people in your known network and start working on your business strategy and crafting a solid investment plan. During some intense 6-months you will work with mentors, instructors and powerful business tools. You will present your startup on a regular basis to our pool of investors to develop investor-entrepreneur relationships early on and further raise private investment to grow your venture, if need to.

Our Vision

If you believe that Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next computing platforms of the 21st century, you will feel that we have a lot in common.

Our vision is to democratize entrepreneurship and the use of these frontier technologies to build a better, safer and more convenient future for humanity.

Who Is This Program For?

✓ Individual entrepreneurs with business domain expertise in verticals like industry, real estate, media, cinema, education, retail, construction, architecture, aerospace, game development, among others, that are looking for co-founders in the VR/AR space.

✓ PhDs and experts in specific software and electronics fields such as computer vision, stereoscopy, 3D mapping, artificial intelligence, light field displays and optics among others.

✓ Small group of friends/co-workers that are considering starting a VR/AR startup together but have not yet incorporated the company, and/or come from a failed startup.

✓ Professionals working in corporate organizations and freelancers in need of a motivational and financial “push” to drop their current occupation and start their entrepreneurial journey.

✓ Dreamers, makers, believers, courageous, planners and proactive people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.

Who Is This Program NOT For?

❌  Those who do not want to build a startup; a startup being a temporary organization with constrained resources looking for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Game studios, tech consultancy services providers, VR/AR marketing agencies, ad-hoc product development companies or hardware/software resellers are NOT startups. Our focus is building unique-product-based companies that have the potential to scale worldwide in the long term.

❌  Those not daring to get out of their comfort zone.

❌  Those not committed to relocating to Madrid (Spain) for at least 4 of the 6 months of the program. ✶

❌  Those without an international mindset to take their startup to the next level in another continent, wherever that is.

✶ We may consider specific exemptions. Kindly add a detailed description of your current situation in the application form.
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Cash Prizes

Equity-free cash prizes will be offered to those individual entrepreneurs that will participate in Oarsis weekend selection event on November in Madrid (Spain), and will demonstrate the best set of abilities to start and lead a successful frontier tech startup in the VR/AR space. ✶

Up to 5.000 € in cash prizes

✶ A necessary condition to receive the cash prize is the acceptance
to participate into Oarsis 6-month incubation program.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.


You have been selected to participate at Oarsis Weekend in Madrid on November.

We are glad you had a lot of fun during the weekend! If you were one of the 15 final winners, you have just been admitted into Oarsis 6-month incubation program. If you were TOP 3 you just secured some cash for kickstarting your business.
Now let's complete your co-founding team with top talent either: a) from Oarsis Weekend candidates, b) from Oarsis internal talent database, and/or c) from your previous network; and start planning your relocation to Madrid for the 6-month incubation program!
Let the real fun begin
Download the Incubation Program Pack HERE

Some of Our Entrepreneurs

"If I would have started Singularu without the advice and support of Demium Startups' incubation program, I would have never reached the point where are at now. It is said that "you don't know what you don't know". Having access to a pool of mentors and training sessions to complement the team's weaknesses have been priceless."

Paco Tormo

CEO @ Singularu

"I  had already built and sold several traditional businesses. Nevertheless, getting into the startup and venture capital ecosystem requires having access to new networks and above all, a mindset shift. Being able to condense all that added value in a 6-month incubation period has been an amazing experience."

David Bernabeu

CEO @ Citibox

José had more than 10 years of professional experience in the utilities sector. He recognized the possibilities of VR/AR immersive technologies and decided to make a shift in his career. At Oarsis, he met Jano, a videogame developer looking for new challenges.

"All networking events and training sessions that were organized with top investors like Cabiedes & Partners have definitely contributed to our success. I could have never imagined I will be raising a 0,5M€ seed round from those investors a few months later. We have grown form a team of 3 to a team of 26 in a little more than a year."

Jorge Cantero

CEO @ Cuidum

"All the support and advice that we got from other entrepreneurs in the community allowed us to set ourselves higher goals and achieve them in a more efficient way. Due to the fact that we came from Demium Startups, other accelerators like Plug&Play did not doubt in accepting us in their acceleration program."

Ismael Labrador

CMO @ Tuvalum

David was a self-employed architect working as a freelancer. He was also a professor at one of the top animation schools in Spain. In Oarsis he found a community where he met like-minded people and felt understood. Now he’s launching his own VR startup, called 4Domo.


Why trust us?

Oarsis was born out of Demium Startups, an internet startup incubator that launched startups such as Citibox, Cuidum, Influencity and Helloumi.

> 30 startups launched in 4 years

> 300 founders

Join our growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs and VR/AR enthusiasts. Take the leap and start building the future with us.

Starting your own company from scratch without the right available resources, network and support can feel like a long exhaustive marathon across the desert. It does not have to be that way:

Meet top future co-founders

Be capital efficient using Oarsis available VR/AR tech in our lab

If it is your first startup, learn the process while taking action

Reach out  to our community for feedback and additional support

Develop yourself personally and professionally to the next level

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the ride and live in the present



About Oarsis Weekend event

What are exactly Oarsis Weekend event’s objectives? +
The goals of the event are:
1) To select the entrepreneurs that will lead the next batch of Oarsis VR/AR startups.
2) Enable VR/AR individual entrepreneurs to meet future potential co-founders during the event.
Once I am selected to participate at Oarsis Weekend, what should I bring to the event? +

Bring your laptop, the VR/AR headset(s) of your choosing (if you have any), lots of energy, the best version of yourself and an open mind to meet interesting people and potentially your future co-founders!
FYI, we will have some Oculus and HTC VR headsets and some Microsoft Hololens, Vuzix and Epson AR headsets available during the weekend event for you to try and hack with them.

I am not a VR or AR developer, specialist or designer. Can I still apply? +
Indeed! Not everyone that applies is a VR/AR developer, designer or artist. We in fact value those domain experts that have experience in a specific domain or industry where these technologies can have a big impact.
Are you a doctor or a neurosurgeon interested in these technologies? Are you an industrial designer? Maybe an aerospace engineer focused on helicopter engine maintenance? JOIN US!
What are the criteria for an entrepreneur to get into Oarsis incubation program? +
If you believe you have embodied the following above-average characteristics, you have high chances of getting into the incubation program: high IQ, high EQ, resilience, goal-orientation, high creativity, leadership, flexibility, fast learning speed, initiative, high energy. What are you waiting for? Show initiative and apply NOW!
Who chooses to be part of which team during the weekend event? +
You do. We have planned some team-building activities on Friday so you can meet the other participants and decide who you would like to team up with during the weekend event.
NOTE: the groups formed during the weekend may differ from your top co-founding startup team. The idea behind creating groups during the weekend is purely for you to network and meet the other participants both professionally and a personally.
I am not happy with the teammates I chose during the weekend. Will they be my co-founders during the incubation program? +
Your teammates during the weekend will not necessarily be your future co-founders. You will have the opportunity to network and interact with all of the other participants during and after the weekend event.
I am coming from abroad. Are you providing any type of financial support to cover flight and travel expenses? +

While we are planning to provide scholarships in the future for those entrepreneurs that would need that extra financial push, we have not yet defined the selection criteria. Kindly let us know your situation in the application form and we will evaluate the different options.

My friend/co-worker and I would like to participate as a team. Can we still apply? +

Indeed. We deeply encourage groups of friends, colleagues or co-workers to jointly apply to the same Oarsis Weekend event. The only requirement is to be openminded and show willingness to meet other candidates during the event as you never know who you your co-founders will end up being.

My friend/co-worker and I have already a business idea that we would like to develop. Can we still apply and develop that business idea within the incubation program? +

We strongly encourage teams with ideas in very initial phases to provide us information on what opportunity they would like to pursue. If our team of analysts at Oarsis considers that the business opportunity you are willing to pursue make sense for us, we will be happy to support you and your co-founders with our 6-month incubation program. Otherwise, during the event you will be provided a list of business opportunities across a variety of industries and sectors that we would like to launch.
At Oarsis, we believe that the value of a business idea is close to zero. We consider that proper execution and having the right team is much more important.

Why is it required to pay 30€ to participate at the Oarsis Weekend event? +

During the event, Oarsis will provide catering on Friday afternoon, plus breakfasts & lunches on both Saturday and Sunday. While the cost of the event per person is much higher than 30€, we require this quantity as a small commitment to secure your spot.

About Oarsis 6-month Incubation Program

What are the standard terms & conditions for the new startup to be built? +
Oarsis will be partnering up with you and your co-founders in your new venture with a 15% equity stake in the company in exchange of the added value provided during the 6-month incubation program and beyond. These services include: training and mentoring sessions, consultancy services covering the different areas (financing, marketing, talent acquisition, product development, operations, etc.), office space, connections to local and international investors, and events and conferences sponsorship deals for your startup, among other services.


How is the rest of the equity split in between the rest of my co-founders? +
You and your team are free to chose how you would like to split the other 85%. At Oarsis, we can provide the basic guidelines to ensure that equity is split evenly according to the value each member of the team is expected to provide to the business.
We already have incorporated our company. Are we eligible to apply? +
Many things need to be considered before incorporating your company. As an incubator, we focus on both people and business opportunities at the very early-stages so that we can jointly incorporate the company. at the end of the incubation program. This makes things a lot easier. If you have already incorporated a company, let us know how much progress did you make so that we can evaluate your proposal.
If you are an international startup looking to expand in Europe, we can offer you to build a top local leadership team and guide the execution of the expansion strategy.
Where are Oarsis offices located? +

Our offices are located in Madrid. You can find us at Calle de Martín de Vargas 40.

What is the level of commitment required during the incubation program? +

We require all the founding team to be working full-time in the startup. Out of the 6 months duration of the incubation program, we require that at least two co-founders spend four months at our Madrid offices.

Can I work part-time until my startup starts to get some real traction? +

Unfortunately, it works the other way around. For your startup to show some real traction, you generally need to put full-time effort in first. We only accept founders that are ready to drop their previous professional occupation before jumping into building their startup.

Can I participate in the incubation program remotely? +

Generally, this will not be possible. We had past experiences that showed us that remote work can be efficient in terms of completing tasks, but it is not efficient in terms of building the team and creating a real bonding between co-founders. You will have to relocate to Madrid (Spain) for at least 4 months of the 6-month incubation program.

Which country shall we incorporate the company in? +

Some of the issues that founders should consider as part of a decision on where to incorporate include things like tax implications (tax breaks or penalties), local grants, and paperwork. This is particularly the case when they are also thinking that the USA might be where they will end up in the future. Depending on which direction you would like your company to develop further, we can recommend some options (Spain, UK, Delaware/USA, among others).

I would need some additional time after Oarsis Weekend to quit my corporate job. Can I still apply? +

Indeed! We understand that top talent is generally busy and employed. We encourage you to apply to Oarsis Weekend anyway, so that you can have a taste of what it’s like to start a company from scratch before making the transition full-time into it. Even if you will not join the incubation program until you quit your previous professional occupation, we can help you plan the shift in your career so that you can join some months later and be better prepared.

I will not be able to relocate to Madrid prior to the start date of the incubation program. Can I start the incubation program later? +

Even if it is better if you are available when the incubation program starts at the beginning of June 2017, it will still be possible for you to join a little later, as an exception. Let us know your situation in the application form.

How much cash does Oarsis invest in each startup upon completion of the incubation program? +

While we do not invest cash at the beginning of the incubation program, our plan is to match a % of the seed investment we will help you secure. Our initial investment is in the form of services through the incubation program, valued at around 30.000€ per startup.

Will we still get support from Oarsis after the incubation program? +

Sure you will. The main training and consulting services sessions as well as the office space usage will be provided only during the 6-month incubation program. Nevertheless, community events will be organized for all Oarsis startups on a regular basis. We are planning to secure internal resources for covering specific ad-hoc requests for our alumni.

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